Application to run my Python tools in NWC (NoteWorthy Composer).

In NWC you'll have to install it as 1 tool, but when invoking it, you can make a selection out of several tools. The GUI (graphical user interface) has more possibilities than that of the user tool environment of NWC.

Also, with this application you can save the output of a tool to another file than the input file.

For the tools that have 'edit mode', you'll have the choise to commit the changes in the original file or save it as a *.nwctxt file.

For tools with 'report mode', the output file type is mostly  *.txt. Exception is the tool 'analyse score', wich creates a XLSX file, that can be imported in Excel or another spreadsheet program.

More help is shown in the application itself when you press the 'HELP' button.


Version 1.0: initial release
Version 1.0.1: bug fix: intercept Bank Select not present
Version 1.1: tool 'Construct a medley' added
Version 1.2:
    - Tool 'audit score' added
    - Redesign of the tool parameter handling (Existing configuration files become obsolete).
    - New option in the 'tool parameters' window: 'Always show this window when selecting this tool.'
        - New directory for the configuration file: '%LOCALAPPDATA%\PYNWC'
           (previously in the same directory as the input score).
        - New name for the configuration file: 'pynwc.cfg' (previously: 'config.txt').
Version 1.3:
        - Module ' object gui' added
        - Tool 'Configure new song' added
       - Tool 'Show collapsible sections' added

Version 1.4: Tool 'Search & Modify' added

Full documentation:

Documentation PYNWC


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