• I'm retired from a career in IT and since then programming has become a hobby.
  • Singing in a choir (the men’s choir named ‘De KAATers‘) is my second hobby.
  • In june 2005 I bought the Noteworthy Composer software (NWC) - see below. 
  • When I discovered that NWC allowed users to write 'user tools', I could combine my 2 hobbies.


NoteWorthy Composer® is a music notation software authoring tool for Windows. It allows you to create, record, edit, print and play back your own musical scores in pure music notation.

So I could create personal scores for our songs and play them back to learn them.

One interesting feature in NWC is the User Tool mechanism. This includes a Starter Kit with a set of PHP scripts.

There's also a very active NoteWorthy Software Forum. On that forum I discovered several tools written by users. Since I love programming, I decided to do my part. My first user tools for NWC were were written in javascript, but when the Lua programming language was embedded in NWC, I switched to that language. (You can find those tools in the subforum Tips & Tricks / User Tools.)

But there were some limitations:

  • By the embedded Lua environment within NWC, your program is encapsulated within it so you can't read or write other files than the NWC file from where you initiate the Lua program.
  • The graphical user interface was limited to some basic dialog popup windows.

I wanted to free myself from those limitations and found out that the Python programming language was the way to achieve this.

There was only one problem: how to share the Python User Tools with the NWC Users? Just publish the source code in the forum, as for javascript or Lua user tools is no option: to run it, the user must have also installed the same version of the Python language. The solution for this is to build and distribute an executable file. But: the NWC forum doesn't allow to upload executable files.

So the final solution is this website. When I want to publish a new user tool, I add it in my website and create a post in the forum with a link to the appropriate page.

Other Stuff

Apart from NWC User Tools, I've written some other stuff that you may find interesting. Check it out!

Final remark

The description of the programs and screen shots are visible for every one, but for security reasons, the programs itself can only be downloaded by registered users.

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