- The input file must be a score-partwise musicxml file.
- The output file is a nwctxt file.
- Different voices are placed on different (layered) staves.
- For some features that aren't supported in NWC itself, a 'user object' is used. You may see a popup that alerts you to download a missing plugin.

- Known issues:
  - Features that aren't supported in NWC and for which no user object exists or for which I can't determine the correct parameters,  will give erroneous results, e.g. tuples other than triples, cross-staff beams and slurs.
  - Because of the layering, some notes, their accidentals or dots may overlap with each other. This can be fixed by setting the properties 'Extra Accidental Spacing', 'Extra Note Spacing' and/or 'Extra Dot Spacing'.
  - If you encounter other issues, you can add a comment at
or report it in the User Tools subforum


  • Download and run the installation file.
  • During installation, the target folder is shown and can be modified.
  • After installation, a shortcut 'MXML2NWC' will be created on your desktop.

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