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With this program you can convert NWC text files to Musicxml files and vice versa.

The first time tou run this program, you'll see the options window. (Press the appropriate button on the right side
to see detailed information). When you click 'OK', your choices will be saved.

On the main window you see a row of action buttons, a loggings frame and a warnings frame.
In the loggings frame the stages of the processing are shown, the warnings frame is used for reporting situations
that demand your attention.
Depending on the progress of the processing, each button will be enabled or disabled.

- The input file must be a either a NWC text file (extension '.nwctxt') or a musicxml file (extensions: '.musicxml',
  '.xml' or '.mxl'. Files with extension .mxl are compressed files; they will automatically be unpacked in a .xml file.
- A musicxml file is converted into a '.nwctxt' file.
- A nwc file is converted into a '.musicxml' or '.xml' file (according to the options).

The input file is analyzed and a setup window is displayed. The setup window consists of 2 tabs: a titlepage tab and
a staves/parts or part/staves tab. They differ according to the direction of the conversion.
Press the appropriate button on the right side to show detailed explanation.

After pressing 'CONVERT' on the setup window, the conversion process is started. Press the appropriate button to show
detailed information concerning the conversion for each direction.

When the conversion is completed, you can save or 'save as...' the output file. The file name is determined as follows:
- the dot of the extension is turned into a dash:
- the extension is added:
    ° '.nwctxt' for the Musicxml -> NWC conversion,
    ° the extension from the options for the NWC to Musicxml conversion.

Next you can directly open that file without leaving the program, via the button 'OPEN the converted file'.
The file will be opened within the program you specified in the options.

- If you encounter any issue, you can add a comment at or report it in
the User Tools subforum



07/02/2022: version 1.0

10/02/2022: 1.0.1: bugfixes

- Interception FileNotFoundError when looking for register entries

- Recalculation of measure length for voice numbers > 1

16/02/2022: 1.0.2: Bugfixes:

- Clef, time and key were duplicated in further staves. - Correction test for inserting invisible rests.

- Handling of quotes in text fields. - Interception of missing 'volume' in midi-instrument-tag.

- Correction of processing last bar line of a staff.

22/02/2022: 1.0.3:

- Connection of bar lines: always create group-barline tag, with 'yes' or 'no' as value.

- Correction in the processing of fields concerning 'open output with' in the option window.

- Adding in the musicxml file to suppress automatic beaming in Musescore.

- Bug fix in processing after unchecking a part in the setup window of xml to nwc conversion.

04/03/2022: 1.0.4

    - Adding a checkbox 'Convert custom velocities for dynamics' in the option window.
    - Converting user object '' as text'.
    - When the nwc score has the option BarLabels set to 'All Systems', and a staff has no abbreviation set.
        the bar label will be used as abbreviation.
    - Dealing with (invisible) tab characters in lyrics.

20/03/2022: 1.0.5

- Correcting a typo.
- Adding code for processing time-modification/normal-type and normal-dots.
- Correcting processing of wedges in parts with different voices.


bug fix for staff where first voice number > '1'

25/04/2022: 1.0.6

- admitting comment line(s) before DOCTYPE line.
- admitting spaces around the = sign for an attribute
- modifications to deal with multiple files in a compressed mxl file


- coping with missing time signatures
- fill completely empty measures with measure rest
- processing lyrics for voice numbers > '1'


- bug fix: the apply button in setup frame, parts/staves tab caused a fatal error


- bug fix: a Sforzando or Rinforzando caused a fatal error.


- bug fix: a Tempo Variance before thhe first note caused a fatal error.


- bug fix: the positions of the notes in a restchord are in the field 'Pos2', not in 'Pos'.

- removing '<Name>' from author and copyright1 fields in the file info, since this would be
interpreted as a musicxml tag.


- text with font 'StaffCueSymbols' caused a fatal error.
- crescendo and diminuendo ending in last note of a staff was not converted.
- error in stereopan conversion formula.
- characters '<' and '>' are represented by '&lt;' and '&gt;' in a musicxml file.
- undoing removing '<Name>' (from


- converting '&quot;'.
- work-title was not converted.
- bug corrected concerning creating bars between measures.


- bug fix in xml to nwctxt conversion: 64th notes converted as quarter notes.

- checking for missing Time Signature.
- bug fix concerning transpose instrument.


- bug fix concerning multirest.
- bug fix concerning assigning part-group symbol to staff.
- corrected calculation of note position for percussion clef.
- changing text for warning 'InvalidChord Error' into 'Chord with same duration and position.
- adding warning for note lengths not supported by NWC.

02/02/2023: 1.0.7

- refactoring code for improving maintainability (no functional changes)
- bug fixes: RepeatOpen, Endings en Flow objects missing in layered staves.


- converting float to integer values for staff Channel Volume
- bug fix: accidentals of a chord weren't always attached to the right note



- ignoring group symbols that are not supported in Noteworthy ('square' and 'line'), instead of crashing.
- bug fix for ending and starting orchestral bracket and grand staff brace.


- for "wavy line" with span = 1 : creating a "type=stop" element immediately after the "type=start" element.
- new checkbox in 'OPTIONS': 'convert invisible muted grace notes', default unticked.


- changes in the setup windows, to avoid them to be too large:
- Converting NWC => XML: The check boxes with staff names are spread over several lines with maximum 6 staves.
- Converting XML => NWC: The check boxes with part ids are spread over several lines with maximum 12 parts.

19/06/2024: 2.0

- New user interface
- Separate menu choices for selecting Nwc or MusiXml file.
- Folders for selecting and saving are saved in the configuration file in 4 different parameters,
for each combination select/save and nwc -> musicxml/musicxml -> nwc.
- Removing choise 'Convert'. The conversion will start when clicking 'OK' on the setup window.
- Neglecting incorrect durations in MusicXml file.

04/07/2024: 2.0

- corrected processing for octave-shift
- buttons beneath loggings and warnings frame 'Copy to clipboard'
- including the pencil_icon in the zip file.

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