Application to run my Python tools in NWC (NoteWorthy Composer).

In NWC you'll have to install it as 1 tool, but when invoking it, you can make a selection out of several tools. The GUI (graphical user interface) has more possibilities that that of the user tool environment of NWC. Also, with this application you can save the output of a tool to another file than the input file. For the tools that have 'edit mode', you'll have the choise to commit the chages in the original file or save it as a *.nwctxt file. For tools with 'report mode', the output file type is mostly  *.txt. Exception is the tool 'analyse score', wich creates a CSV file, that can be imported in Excel or another spreadsheet program. More help is shown in the application itself when you select the tool '!HELP!'.

Downloading the installation file, installing on your computer and installing in NWC:

  • Dowload and extract the file below.
  • Create a seperate folder for the application.
  • Double click the extracted file to install the application (you'll have to trust me) and fill in the destination folder.
  • Next, you'll have to install it in your NWC program:
    • Start NWC and open any file
    • Click Tools/User Tool.../New...
    • fill in:
      • Group: choose from the select list or create a new one
      • Name: 'Python Tools'
      • Command: your destination folder + '\Pythonnwc
      • Input Type: File Text
      • Options: Returns File Text, Long Task Handling, Prompts for User Input
    • click 'OK